Laurie Blizzard

Occupation and age: Insurance Sales & Marketing- Age 45

Kids? Grandkids? Son Kyle age 21 & Daughter Emily age 18. Both going to college & work locally. Very proud of my children who are now both grown adults…wow…where did the years go?

Your motto: Remember the past…but live for the moment…while keeping your eye forward to the destiny you create today.

How long have you been a Goddess at Venus Pole Fitness? 7 wonderful months!

Have you undergone a transformation (physically, emotionally or both!)? Oh most definitely both! I‘m so happy that at 45 years old I can reinvent myself! I have built confidence in myself and for the first time ever I feel strong & sexy! Learning & getting the tools from Diane, I have made a clean eating lifestyle change and FEEL the best I have ever felt physically. I love the trainers and how they continue to push us when we don’t think our bodies can be pushed any farther. Since I started at Venus I have lost 31 pounds and 3 pant sizes and beginning to gain some muscle tone that I have never had before!

Did you have any previous dance or fitness training before starting pole? I have never taken any form of dance before this and had only done some physical therapy for my neck.

What made you decide to take classes? A couple girlfriends and I signed up for one sexy class together last February for a fun girls‘ evening together and I became instantly hooked! It took me about a month to get the courage to do a bootcamp class and there has been no looking back since I did!

Favorite class and why? Goddess Body Bootcamp. I feel strong for the first time ever and I love seeing how I can continually push my body to new limits! I love that the classes are always different each and every class. This keeps us and our muscles constantly guessing and that‘s a good thing! I have been doing bootcamp classes a few days a week for about 6 months now and I have never done the exact same workout twice. It’s the most intense but most effective 45 minute workout I have ever done.
My favorite style of pole class is Polesque which is a cross between burlesque and pole dance. I totally love the sassy yet classy sexy style of music and dance!
Another class (sorry, it‘s hard to choose just one favorite) I loved doing is Diane‘s new Pole Booty Bootcamp. I fabulous mix of bootcamp while working out in our sexy platform shoes and utilizing the pole for strength training. Awesome to combine bootcamp with pole. Best of both worlds!


What is it that you LOVE about Venus? Diane, the trainers and all the girls for sure! It‘s like a big wonderful family. Venus is such a POSITIVE environment! There‘s never any drama or negativity when you step inside! It‘s a place of support, encouragement, motivation and constant inspiration. It‘s a place to feel very comfortable no matter your age or size and feel great in your own skin. If I‘ve had a tough day I can always look forward to Venus and being with the other girls. I can forget about the stress and troubles of the day. I absolutely LOVE Venus!

Platforms, barefeet or legwarmers? Platforms! I totally love how they make me feel when I put them on! Being a tall girl all my life, I used to always stick to flat shoes…Now I LOVE shopping for and wearing shoes with heels!

What are you currently working on technically? In bootcamp I‘m working on gaining more muscle definition. In pole I want to improve spinning and climbing (I haven‘t made it to the top of the studio poles but I will!) and beginning working on going vertical.

What are you working on artistically? Transitition and flowing more fluidly and gracefully in pole.

Do you have a favorite song to pole dance to? Diane has me hooked on Holy Grail by Jay Z & Justin Timberlake. I love the change ups in the music between slow and sexy and also fast and booty popping!

We LOVE music at Venus Pole Fitness. What 3 songs would be featured on the soundtrack to YOUR life?
1. Don‘t Stop Believing- Journey
2. Stronger- Kelly Clarkson
3. You’re Still The One- Shania Twain (Dedicated to my amazing husband & most definitely the love of my life. We will be celebrating our silver 25th wedding anniversary next Valentine‘s Day and we will be renewing our vows in a beach ceremony on the day of our anniversary)

Guilty pleasure:
May sound funny but it would be smoked gouda cheese or any cheese for that matter. I would take any cheese over a sweet dessert any day. I‘d have to admit that my other guilty pleasure is I am a reality tv show addict.

Final Question:
Any inspirational advice you would like to share with women who are afraid to come to the studio and start their own transformation?
Give it a try! You will absolutely love it! Don‘t be intimidated as everyone has had to start somewhere. The trainers and all the girls of Venus will welcome you and make you feel very comfortable. I promise you that you won’t regret it and will look forward to every day you get to spend at Venus!.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Hi there! My name is Diane Flores and I’m a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend and, most importantly…a WOMAN who knows exactly how you feel!

I am also a Certified Health Coach through the Institute Of Integrative Nutrition, Certified Pole & Fitness Trainer, previous NPC figure athlete and current NPC Bikini Competitor with over a decade of experience in the health and wellness field. The demands on my life are no less or more important than yours. Which means, if I can live a Fit, Sexy and Confident lifestyle, you can too and my program will show you how.

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