Me and another woman (video)

It’s not what you think…I wanted to re-introduce you to my friend and female fat loss over 40 expert, Shawna K 🙂

Me and Miss Shawna K

In San Diego we compared notes about females, fitness and aging and I find it interesting that we tend to agree on many things, no matter what your age, some fitness and fat loss principles apply.

Shawna and I both agree that the MOST important things to keep in mind for fitness are:

  • Resistance training (this can be bodyweight training or with weights)
  • Paying attention to nutrition – abs really are made in the kitchen
  • Losing steady state cardio – up the intensity and do short interval style training for best fat loss results

She has a fun home workout for you that takes little space, time or equipment. She explains that age is no excuse for being inactive.

She’s ready to celebrate her 51th birthday in a month and says age is just a number. See the workout here:

female fat loss over 40 old dog new trick workout
female fat loss over 40
“old dog new trick workout”

Here’s the workout:

Do 40 seconds of work with a 10 second rest:

  • Plie squat (or squat jump)
  • DB or KB row
  • DB or KB row other arm
  • Step up or box jump
  • Incline push up

Repeat this entire circuit five times Goddesses!

If you like this workout and would like MORE of this style of training with follow along videos where Shawna takes you through each and every set and rep, check out her amazing program HERE

Regardless if you are under or over 40, I know this workout will be a great one!

Get it done!
PS- Even if you only take one small action, such as performing all of my Workout Wednesday videos, you are taking one step towards losing fat, gaining energy and being Fit, Sexy & Confident. Don’t give up!

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