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Cheri D

Thanks again for all your encouraging words, insight, helpful hints, and specific direction on how to meet my goals. I have been overweight for a long time, and have a wonderful husband who tells me how beautiful and sexy I am no matter what size I am! This of course is good but also bad because I became complacent and unmotivated. After I went to my first pole class I realized that I need to change things for me. I have not been in good shape since I graduated from high school almost 20 years ago (OMG that’s a long time lol). I played sports my whole life so I was always in shape until I graduated and life happened. I never went to the gym because I played soccer all but 2 months out of the year! I am only now really learning how to be disciplined with food and exercise. The realization that really hit me was when I realized that I weighed 10 pounds more than I did when I was 9 months pregnant!! I was like ok enough is enough and you are not getting any younger, it will only be harder to lose if you wait! Sorry for rambling on. I just can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you and your staff! You are amazing! Thank you again for your time and effort!

Keri (Modesto)

You are amazing…I hope you realize that! I also want to thank you for changing my life in a postive way. Since I have been taking class the obvious advantage has been my weight loss. The less obvious is that I am even more determined to master this and own being a vixen! 😉 Of all the exercises programs I have tried in the last 15 years..this is the ONLY one that has kept me interested and allowed me to have so much fun and meet such amazing women such as yourself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the tips of my shoes!

Nannette H. (Modesto)

My first introduction to pole dancing was at a girlfriends party. I had such a great time, not only was my body sore from getting a great work out but, my face hurt from laughing so hard! It was so fun for us girls to get together and be silly, sexy, and get a great workout! I had so much fun I scheduled my own party. Some of my girlfriends are very athletic and some had questions regarding a weight limit on the pole. All of them had a great time and wanted more! Some were better at trying different tricks on the bar like we were back on the play ground in elementary school and others were better at making each move look sensual. We all got a great work out and had a blast! A few of us are now in the weekly classes and we are all dropping weight!! On another note, my husband and I have been “playing” a lot more. I feel more sensual and I think for him, just the thought of me going to these classes has “inspired” him more too! It’s a win/win for us!!

Heidi (Patterson)

This is great for any age, not only does it boost your self esteem and confidence but it is a kick ass work out. I haven’t had so much fun plus meeting such great people.

Kimberly A. (Modesto)

 I signed up for the 6 week class and now I am hooked! I never thought I could learn so many ways to be sexy and confident with myself. I thought that there is no way that I am going to be able to pull this off, but by then end of the class I learned a whole routine, I amazed myself. I find myself talking about your classes all the time to co-workers, family, and friends, encouraging all of them that they can be sexy too and feel great doing it. I was a little embarrassed the first class thinking that all the women there were going to be tiny girls with perfectly toned bodies. I soon found out that you welcome all women no matter the age, shape, or size. I believe that is why I keep going back and the fact that Diane is my new idol, I hope one day to be a just little like her, she is so inspirational and motivating. If you are thinking about taking a class… it!!!! You won’t regret it!! Thank you Diane for bringing the inner Goddess out in me!!

Stephanie C. (Stockton)

I did the 6 week session in Modesto and LOVED it! Pole Dancing is done very tastefully and its all about letting your inner goddess out with no one else giving judgement. All the ladies just have fun with the class and help one another out if you get stuck on learning a new move. I found it to be a great source of exercise that can tone your legs, butt, and arms. Other people also took notice and asked what exercise regime do I use. I look forward to returning again and Diane is a totally awesome instructor, I highly reccomend every women at least try out one class.

Ryan (husband of new student)

Well first off thank you for being so polite and courteous with her. When she came home she had an awesome glow about her and she couldn’t stop with the compliments of your class. Just personally I think it is awesome for a woman, like my wife, to get out of the box for a bit, have some fun, and most of all feel sexy. She is extremely happy and is having fun. I have not seen her like this in a long time, and trust me she deserves it!!! So from me to you…THANK YOU


I signed up for the intro class on a lark. My girlfriends and I had been on a trip to Vegas and we saw the Pole 101 class listing. When I returned, without taking the class in Vegas, I decided to give it a try by myself and I’ve been attending classes for almost 10 months! The workout is wonderful – focusing on the core and upper body strength – areas that I needed concentration on! The atmosphere of the class itself is 90% of the reason to attend! The instructors are wonderful. Both Diane and Tina are encouraging and work with your strengths to help you achieve a new moves and raised confidence. The ladies in the class work together, encouraging you and celebrating each success – and believe me – when you finally nail that spin that you just can’t seem to get… it is a success! The confidence I’ve gained from Pole Dancing has also worked it’s way into my daily life – I feel stronger and sexier – and neither are a bad thing to feel!

Carrie (Fresno)

I have been a regular student at Venus pole fitness since the end of last summer. I had always worked out and tried to stay in shape, however, workouts at the age of 30 had become a chore and something to be dreaded. I went out on a limb and signed up for a 6-week session and even attended class by myself, not knowing a single person. I LOVED it!! The instructors are amazing and they create such a safe and comfortable environment each class. I have learned so much since my first class and it has become a true addiction and new found love. Pole dancing has boosted my self esteem and it makes me feel good about my body that I have always been so hard on. I am doing inversions on the pole now that I never thought I could accomplish. I have come to love the girls that attend and the awesome instructors Diane and Tina. I have never felt uncomfortable or embarrassed in class. Everyone is so encouraging and uplifting. Pole dancing will ALWAYS now be a part of my life!!! It is a hard core workout and I wake up sore after every class. Hard to believe that I FINALLY found something that I enjoy so much and that gives me a hard workout at the same time. Every women should experience pole dancing!

Jessica (Turlock)

Diane & Tina,”Wow” the year has gone by so quickly and to imagine I’ve been with you since you first opened. It has been an amazing year for me I have to say that pole fitness is by far the best work out. It is so much fun “like you said you get hooked after you try it.” You both are great without you I wouldn’t have the confidence in myself that I have and couldn’t have come this far. Your pole junkie

Sharleen (Oakdale)

I took your awesome class Tues. March 4th. I wanted to let you know that I loved the intro class and have not stopped thinking of that evening since I was there. You guys are terrific and I had one of the best times of my life there. I have always wanted to do this. I have practiced all my moves alot since the class as best as I can w/out a pole. My thighs are sore on a daily basis…..YEAH!!!! I am going to purchase a pole and sign up for a session class.

 Sara (Turlock)

Thank you very much the class was amazing and I’m looking foward to taking more classes with you

 A. Nunes (Turlock)

 Sounds Great! My girlfriends and I enjoyed the class last night — we felt the burn! We would like to register for the 6-week class you are offering on Wednesday night.

Amanda (Modesto)

 Hello! My friend Tara and I had a blast! Thanks! We signed up for the Sunday classes.

Candice (Waterford) 

Hey Diane I just wanted to let both of you know I had so much fun in my first class on Wed I cant wait till next week you guys are great thanks again….

 Brandi (Hughson)

 Diane-First off, I just wanted to tell you that last night was a complete and utter blast! I woke up this morning sore, but ready to strut my stuff again! Thank you and Tina so much for your patience and guidance.

Carla (Modesto)

Hi Diane and Tina…I had a great time in your class…it was sooooo much fun… I’ve already signed up for the lap/striptease class Yes, my arms, thighs, and knees…yes, knees are all sore….thank you!!!! You ladies are great and keep up the good work!! I love your enthusiasm thanks again
Hi Diane and Tina…I had a great time in your class…it was sooooo much fun… I’ve already signed up for the lap/striptease class Yes, my arms, thighs, and knees…yes, knees are all sore….thank you!!!! You ladies are great and keep up the good work!! I love your enthusiasm thanks again

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