my 2016 wine, chocolate and #dietrebel diet – progress pics

2016 was a year of many changes. I’d say the most significant change was my mindset shift around food. Not only how I thought about food, but what I ate and noticing when I was emotionally eating. I also cultivated a whole hell of a lot of trust with myself for the first time.

Since I retired from competing in 2014, I’ve been against strict diets. However, I do know the importance of setting a foundation of clean eating before you can practice moderation and still lose fat.

I know that not being hardcore seems impossible if you want to get results. It’s the way we’ve been programmed to think. 

It doesn’t seem realistic to be able to have your cake and eat it too. In 2015 I experimented with moderation, but I wasn’t fully ready to commit to the process. ‘Can I still lose weight? Won’t I be committing diet sin? Are the ‘Diet Police” going to roll up and demand I go back to my old ways if I’m not eating 100% on track??’

Over the last year I’ve found you can find a happy spot when it comes to trying to lose weight or body fat.

However, I do think that you have to have a clear understanding of creating a foundation with your healthy eating and being patient with learning how to use moderation for your favorite treats to break out of #diethell.

Here’s what I mean. The photo below is an example of two very different mindsets and strategies.

The left was December 15, 2015. I was at 153.8 lbs, doing my usual exercise BUT trying to micro-manage every single morsel I was eating. I would count my macros incessantly via MyFitnessPal app Monday through Friday and then Saturday and Sunday was a lot of letting loose and eating non-stop. Although last year I was leaps and bounds away from my bingeing and mental-food-obsession days in 2014, I still didn’t have a handle on my eating.

On the right below, about 2 weeks ago, 148 lbs, doing the same amount of exercise (give or take a bit) incredibly more mindful and not feeling the incessant grasp that #diethell had on me. I FINALLY trust myself to make conscious decisions around my food choices.

The BIGGEST difference was ditching the all or nothing approach.

Of note, I’m pleased with my body in both photos. Having a six-pack sounds great in theory, but I’m no longer willing to sacrifice my sanity for a washboard stomach. Nope. Not doing it. I’m finally in a place where I am VERY happy with not being crazy-shredded-lean like my competition days. The difference between the photos is a lot less mental stress, no food obsession and no more ‘all or nothing’ approach with my eating.

Frankly, I’m over it. I’m over food obsessing. I’m done weighing and measuring and counting. It obviously didn’t do much good in 2016 as I’m leaner and much more mentally relaxed around food now. And, I’m much more fun to be around (so I’m told by my sister, hehe)

Diet’s work, don’t get me wrong. Sustaining a diet forever is what DOESN’T work. Because if you can’t eat like that forever, you’ll never stick to it.

What if you finally learned how to create a balanced way of eating? What if you implemented an eating foundation of 80% good shit and gave yourself wiggle room with the rest. Could you trust yourself to stay on track with that? Can you see how being “hardcore” only lasts a short time because it SUCKS??

Here’s the thing – this strategy takes some practice. It won’t be perfect. There will be some bumps along the way. BUT, it’s a more realistic approach than being uber restrictive and giving up or, being uber off track and frustrated with yourself. Consider it the ‘happy medium’.

Like I’ve mentioned before, it starts with setting up your foundation for eating and exercise. This is exactly how I’ve released myself from diet hell. Initially, using a meal plan as a guide to understand how to fuel your body properly for fat loss is super helpful. It will get you on track with some success. Then we start playing with #sanityfoods so you can establish food freedom coupled with continued fat loss!!

And that is how you do the work! It’s abso-fucking-lutely glorious.

So, I invite you to try something different. Jumpstart your fat loss by setting a foundation and then stay on the success-train by refusing to deprive yourself.

This may sound scary. It may not sound ‘hardcore’ enough for you. But I ask you this… if you’re tempted to do hardcore dieting again, was it sustainable last time? Probably not.

I want you to take a second to imagine yourself actually liking how you eat AND it producing the fat loss results that you so desperately want. How does that sound? That’s how I feel every damn day.

C’mon over to the #dietrebel side. We’ve got chocolate, wine, ice cream, brownies, burgers, pizza, chips & salsa and more…done the smart and sane way.

You ready? Let’s start together on Monday. My 30 Day #BeautifulBadass Challenge will get you on track with your exercise, meal plans, recipes, nutrition education and closed Facebook coaching group and so much more. Let’s tackle this together.

Read all about this program and register HERE (in-studio and virtual program available).


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