Online coaching transformation- Gina Jones

Here we have another reformed cardio queen!

When I met Gina, I was so excited to start working with her. She had just finished prep with another coach utilizing a completely different approach.

Gina J back comparisonGina was doing a TON of cardio and had done minimal weight training during her last prep. We shifted her previous style of training (lots of cardio and plyometric training) to waaaay less cardio, more carbs 🙂 and hitting the weights hard.

Much like 99% of my coaching clients, Gina had to venture off into the weight room for the very first time. She took her personalized programs and went to work!

She did AMAZING. She dropped a significant amount of body fat, restructured her body and built a new booty!

Check out her story below…

Name: Gina Jones

Occupation and age: Commercialization Manager for an Organic Foods and Grain Company in Modesto, CA.   I am 42 years young!

gina poseKids? Grandkids? If so brag a bit: I have two mini me’s ages 14 and 16 who are a beautiful Italian and Asian mix.  

Brooke is 16 and is a Varsity Cheerleader at Oakdale High School, she is an honor roll student and youngest published author at Stanislaus State.

Jaden is 14 and is a Competitive Worlds Dancer for Strut Performing Arts and a dance ensemble dancer for Modesto’s State Theater. She is a 4.0 student and part of her leadership program at school.

What convinced you to take the leap to compete?

Reformed cardio queen did it!

Reformed cardio queen did it!

Letting go of my insecurities and wanting to invest in myself. When I feel good, I am a better person all around. My family now knows that Gina works best when she has hit the gym!

Did you have any previous coaching or training before starting with Diane?

I had minimal training, which was similar to Cross Fit, which made me lean but unfortunately, flat. I had no muscle tone and no education in strength training.

I was referred to Diane by a mutual friend and knew the second I met her at the gym she was a passionate, yet brutally honest and she would take no prisoner type of coach. Meaning “I will give you all my time, but you are going to work for it – every bit of it!”

That’s exactly what I wanted and needed – not someone who was going to tell me I was pretty and looked nice. I wanted to someone who was like – “ok, yeah you look good in clothes but let’s take this another step further and improve and define and build upon what you’re your mama gave you!”

What were the top 3 fears that initially held you back or you feared with competing?

  • Comparing myself to others! (Don’t ever do that – you are you’re only competition!) Everyone is different and every body responds differently. There is no cookie cutter body!

  • I want to be the best I can and not let myself or friends/family down.

  • Could I grow a booty? Damn straight I did.

Gina frontHow long have you been weight training?

6 months when Coach D showed me how it was done and explained everything to me. Like…. “Walk in that gym like a BEAST, that’s right, get in there and tell yourself you belong there!”

What would you say to women who are scared to lift weights? How has it changed your mind and body?

Oh shoot I get this on the daily and I still get teased at my gym, like “hey weren’t you the cardio girl running all the time on the treadmill?” And “damn look at you girl, what happened to you?”

And then I respond yeah that’s right – meet me at the squat bar and then over to the bench and then follow me over to the heavy shit where I’m going to hip thrust this out!

All the while, pulling my ponytail tighter and adjusting my BEATS on my head. Seriously, lifting weights has transformed my body. Not pills, not starving, no gimmicks!

Lifting weight has defined my body in ways that still shocks me today and I have no problem telling everyone how old I am. I am confident and I am proud. I worked hard for this!

Gina and lizaWhat have you learned about yourself, nutrition or exercise during this coaching process to the stage?

I have learned to trust the process and enjoy the journey. There is no magic, and if you want it, you have to work for it. Plain and Simple.

It will take weeks and months to create new habits, change your way of thinking and transform your body. IT’S SO WORTH IT!  

I have also learned that carbs are not going to kill you – everything in moderation and if you have a small treat, get over it and get back on it the next day!

Stay focused, surround yourself with like people, people with the same drive and passion. Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you.

Tell the negative people and doubters to get the f(@#*$&# out ! Constantly feed your brain with positive information, facts and ask questions if things don’t make sense to you! No one is perfect!

Favorite body part to train and why?

Shoulders and Bi-ceps because my little veins pop out and say “hi” after a good session! They also look feminine and lean when I wear halter dresses and my gym tops. I love it!

gina side poseWhat are your current fitness goals?

To get back on stage in September and improve my last placing of 3rd place and improve my stage presence.

What is your favorite Goddess Elite recipe? Anything Coach D makes up in her kitchen!

What piece of advice would you give to someone who’s considered competing as a life long dream? FEAR WILL EITHER CREATE YOU OR DESTROY YOU! FACE YOUR FEARS AND GO AFTER IT!

My Goddess Body Elite coaching program is currently closed. However, it’s absolutely possible for you to experience a transformation like Miss Gina’s above when I open back up applications again in 2017.

Go here to get on the waitlist for more info when it reopens!


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