Online coaching transformation- Liza Davis

When this gorgeous woman first came to me, she insisted that she could NOT possibly ever get on stage. She wanted coaching, but hesitated for a long time before I finally coaxed her to get on stage.Liza post show

She just couldn’t see it for herself. The desire to push her body to that level was there, but she just didn’t think it was possible.

Now, before you look at the photos and think that Liza is just “lucky”,  and probably has always looked like that, think again! Liza has TWIN BOYS! 

If you’ve ever been pregnant with 1 child you know how much change your body goes through. Imagine being pregnant with 2 babies in your tummy! 

That is why I want you to completely disregard the excuse of stretch marks, loose skin or being a mom as to why you can’t achieve this goal

Let’s meet this beautiful woman below…

Occupation and age: I am 46 years young, a director and fitness Instructor part time.

Kids? Grandkids?  If so brag a bit: Twin boys age 6! 

Liza before and now

Only a few pounds difference between photos, but totally body recomposition!

What convinced you to take the leap to compete?

Ive always tried hard, and not in the right way. Thinking “the more classes I teach, the better I will look” failed and I reached a plateau.  

I was slim, but not really toned. So, I started training with Diane to look like a bikini competitor but not to do the actual bikini competition. This January Diane basically told be, “check it off your bucket list and just do it”, so i did!

Did you have any previous coaching or training before starting with Diane?

Yes, see above. I also trained with another coach but didn’t like the style of communication. Diane has a wonderful, nurturing understanding so if you eat a cookie, or say you feel “blah” she gets it.

liza in team shirt

Wearing her team tank proud!

What were the top 3 fears that initially held you back or you feared with competing?

1-The spotlight – I’m not a limelight kind of girl.

2-The competitors- Am I good enough?

3-The final prep before competition.

How long have you been weight training? 4 years

What would you say to women who are scared to lift weights? How has it changed your mind and body? 

front stage shot

The final winning package!

OMG, its crazy. We are all brought up on the perception that lift weights and you will bulk and look like a man-woman 🙂 or, you have to do cardio to look lean. I look my leanest ever and the tone that you gain from weight training is amazing.

Liza abs

46 year old mamma of twins!

What have you learned about yourself, nutrition or exercise during this coaching process to the stage? 

A lot, I now understand how important carbs are (I used to avoid like the plague) macros and the balance to achieve results

Favorite body part to train and why?

Abs, I love the lean long look and after twins you can have a flat stomach!

What are your current fitness goals? Do another competition in September and hopefully qualify.

Liza trophies

Liza’s trophy loot 🙂

What piece of advice would you give to someone who’s considered competing as a life long dream?

Do it! life is way too short and you deserve to experience an amazing journey with amazing people.

liza testimonial

If she can do it, so can you!!

Are you ready to train like a competitor? Or how about take the plunge and get on stage? 

My coaching program is currently closed but you won’t want to miss the info when it opens up again.

Go HERE to get on the wait list for more info


  1. I’ve been wanting to get in shape for the last 19 yrs, I even bought Groupon for your class in 2011, did I use them NO, this past year with stress and being sick has put another 45lbs.on my 5.2 frame,so at this time I weigh problem is funds, I’m living check to check and haven’t been able to work a full month in the past 2 yrs,I’m going to be 50 in oct.and I’m tired of being sick and tired all the time.

    • Michelle!!!! I’d love to help you girlie. Have you tried one of our bootcamp classes yet??


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