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If you are a mom, then I can probably bet that you have a lot in common with my next story, Rachel Duenas.

Three young children, a job, husband, the usual body insecurities that come with having had 3 pregnancies relatively close together (her kiddos are all under 6!).

Rachel had been doing tons of cardio and restricting calories before we started her custom programming. She admittedly struggled with sticking to a “diet” for long because she would restrict for so long and then have “weak” moments and eat off her plan.

I hear this so often. Tons of cardio, cut calories, binge, restrict and repeat.

Rachel Duenas testimonial

So proud of Rachel!

We worked together and I created an entirely new program for her to follow. She was reluctant because it was so different than what she knew. But, I convinced her that if what she was doing wasn’t working it was worth a shot.

Her next concern about getting on stage was her loose skin and stretch marks. Almost every single woman I have worked with has this same concern. This should be the LEAST of your worries!

As your body changes, firms up and we get close to competition time, you will notice that the spray tan covers up so much! Not only that, all the women backstage are just like you!

I’ll let Rachel answer some questions and you can see her journey below.  Rach with trophy

Occupation and age: After School Para-professional, 35

Kids? Grandkids? If so brag a bit: Yes 2 boys and 1 girl ages 6, 4 1/2 and 3

What convinced you to take the leap to compete? I had my children so close together I was pregnant or nursing for the 5 yrs previous. I wanted to “reclaim” my body and get back into shape. I started working out and liked how I started feeling and looking.

I followed Diane and her blogs and read about her competing then started following a few other competitors. I thought to myself “that would be pretty awesome if I could push myself to that next level”.

So, I decided competing would be one of the many things on my “bucket list” to maybe hopefully one day fulfill (not knowing I would fulfill it so soon lol).

Did you have any previous coaching or training before starting with Diane? Nope
rach before and after front

What were the top 3 fears that initially held you back or you feared with competing?

1- I would never look like the women I’ve seen who compete

2- If I have the determination to push myself all the way

3- I wouldn’t have the time to train along with raising 3 kids

How long have you been weight training?  Before I decided to compete, I had never really done any kind of weight training besides the once a week- 4 week course Diane offered (weight training for women) in Oct 2015.

That’s where I got my “feet wet” and fell in love with training. The rest is history! I’ve now been training for about 8 months and haven’t looked back.

What would you say to women who are scared to lift weights? How has it changed your mind and body? Your not going to get massive like Arnold or the Hulk but if you do eat right and train hard you will get some muscle and nice definition.

I love how lifting has not only transformed me into looking stronger but feeling like a bad ass too lol.Rach before and after back shot

What have you learned about yourself, nutrition or exercise during this coaching process to the stage? I really love training, the grind and I never thought I would be someone who would.

Training makes me physically feel strong but also makes me feel good inside, I feel like I have more pep in my step after a good session.

I’ve definitely learned how important nutrition is especially when you are training. You want to properly fuel your body with the right foods and amounts do matter.

I’ve learned so much about exercising along my journey to stage.

There was always a reason and rhyme to what I was doing even though I didn’t always know why in the beginning. The number of sets/reps to complete, how important rest is, the order of exercises to the importance of proper form. Diane teaches you all of that.

Favorite body part to train and why? Shoulders and arms. I just like the way they look when they start to get bigger and more defined.rach before and after side pose

What are your current fitness goals? I’m dabbling with the idea of trying powerlifting because I like lifting heavy shit lol.

So, I’m working on putting on more muscle and getting stronger.

What is your favorite Goddess Elite recipe? I really like the pumpkin poppers

What piece of advice would you give to someone who’s considered online coaching or competing as a life long dream?

So many of you are stronger than you think you are, and are capable of more than you give yourself credit for.

Being scared and a little unsure is human nature, but it only takes one small step that could lead to something huge and life changing.Go for it, push yourself into the unknown, you can do anything!!!!

Here are some final stage shots of Rachel at her very first competition! 
Rachel Side shot

Rachel is an everyday woman just like you!

I designed a program for her to implement that was very simple to understand and she did it in the gym on her own.

Balance and symmetry is so important when you are striving to take the stage. That’s why cookie cutter plans aren’t the wisest idea.

You need a strategy that is focused for your body type.

With Rachel we knew she already had wonderfully developed quad muscles so we focused on her hamstrings, glutes and back. She also didn’t need any more calf work because she was genetically gifted here.

What’s holding you back from transforming your body?Stage shot rear pose

I only open up my coaching program 2x per year for new clients. Is your time coming?

Is it time to quit program hopping, procrastinating and continually stopping & restarting your exercise regimen?

Let me coach you to a whole new level. Remember, even if you have NO desire to compete, I still taking Lifestyle clients and give them the same tools.

Go HERE to get on the info list when I open it back up again. Don’t miss out! Applications will open up soon enough.


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