Pilates bootie workout #2

Hey Goddess Gals!

Did you get a chance to try Sylvia’s bootie workout last week? 


This week you are going to get another Pilates inspired bootie lift from my good friend “The Pilates Chick” Sylvia Favela.

Pilates Bootie Blaster by Sylvia Favela

Author of Bodyweight Pilates 

There are tons of different moves you can practice to give your bootie some lift! 

Pilates has the reputation of creating a lifted…plump bootie with undeniable “Sexy Curves”.

However…before you go thinking Pilates is just a stretching exercise, I’m going to briefly explain what it’s really all about and what you can expect:

*Challenge your fitness level, no matter if you are advanced or just starting to exercise. You will find it suits both just right.

*Expect to sweat in less than 3 minutes with these Pilates challenges.

*Strengthen your core; there is no other workout out there that works the deep transverse abdominals and the root of the body to strengthen it as a whole.

Pilates targets the intricate muscles that surrounds and protects the low back, spine, pelvis and hips. And who wouldn’t want that, right?

*Reduce the risk of injury, these carefully crafted Pilates routines encourage the body to work as a whole rather than separate the moves as individual muscle movements.

*Enhance and increase your physical performance and endurance.  When you have a strong foundation, your body performs at its optimal level.

Many Pilates moves, just as the ones I demonstrate below, focus on correct body alignment, which is the main focus of Pilates. Controlled movements fire up the intricate muscles in the body without having to over use the hip flexors or low back when working the lower body.

In the video below I demonstrate the “Pilates Bootie Blaster” workout for you to practice right away. Please pay careful attention to my points about how to properly hold your position with each exercise for maximum results.

Pilates Bootie Blast! Click image to play


Here is your workout summary: 3 Rounds, 10 reps (each side), and 15 sec rest.  Once you feel you are able to maintain proper form, increase to 4 rounds.

  • Pelvic Curl Lift
  • Pelvic Curl hold Right leg Lift
  • Pelvic Curl hold Left leg lift

Here are the important points you should keep in mind when performing the exercises in the video above:

*Objective of these moves are to ensure proper body alignment and constant engagement of the glutes.

*Pull the belly button in towards the spine while keeping the ribs pulled in and together.

* Lift the pubic bone up; tuck the pelvis under to lengthen the lower back.  Stay out of your lower back the entire time by not letting it arch down.

* For beginners keep your feet on the floor.  You can work up to placing your feet on a chair or bench.

* For more advanced, add 5lbs ankle weights to your workout and place your feet on a chair or bench.

Pilates looks easy, but it’s a challenge of control and balance.  With continued weekly practice your technique gets better and you’ll notice a tighter waistline and lifted a lifted firm bootie. And, you can do this in the comfort of your own home!

If you enjoyed this core Pilates workout and want more fun and effective workouts you can check out more moves right here.  

There you have it Goddess Nation. Love yourself some of Miss Sylvia’s Pilates ’cause it does a bootie good! If you like this video, leave a comment below and I’ll have her whip up a few more for ya!

Firm booties everywhere,




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