Product Reviews- Amazing Greens, Onnit and UMP

Over the years I have tried SO many different fat loss and nutrition products. While I was at the Radiance Retreat, I was stoked to find out that Onnit had sent out a rep to let us sample their products.

Holy taste explosion…the Onnit girls blended up some DELICIOUS shakes using their MCT Oil (I still have yet to get this stuff) as well as their almond butter and cold pressed coffee. It was insane!

I’d had my eye on their stuff for a while, but hadn’t made the leap yet to order some for myself to test out and report back to you ladies. Well….I picked up some of their awesome goodies at the retreat and I’m really glad that I did!

In this video I talk about the Onnit products and I’ll also show you another product that you can use if you have a hard time eating your veggies but want to get those vital nutrients in, Amazing Grass!

The products I reviewed in the video were:

The above are affiliate links (which means I get a small commission if you make a purchase). If you’d prefer to make a purchase without using my affiliate link no hard feelings, for the Onnit products check out and for Amazing Grass and UMP.

Hopefully this product review helps you in your Fit, Sexy and Confident journey!!

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