Q&A Wednesday- 3 things you don’t want to do in the gym

In today’s video I answer 2 questions submitted to me via e-mail.

They are actually questions I get often.

1- What is the best time to workout?

2- How can I get the courage to get into the weight room at the gym?

You can watch this video here for my opinion on the BEST time to workout and 3 things you DON’T want to do before you step in the gym weight room.

Essentially the BEST time to workout is at a time you will get it done. If you are known to procrastinate and push your workout to the evening time, then ultimately don’t do it, let’s switch it up.

Yes, this will require you to get up earlier, but it will be done and out of the way. Yay!

I know this procrastination trap all too well. I was infamous for pushing my workouts into the evening. Then I’d have the day get ahead of me, kids, work, etc. and eventually I’d be too tired or too “busy” to get it done.

If you can devote the early morning hours (yes, it’s going to be painful those first few days lol) to getting your movement done and out of the way, you’ll feel so energized throughout the day and you’ll have more free time in the evening. Win-win!

As for the question about how to get the courage up to get into the gym weight room, here are the things you don’t want to do…

1- Do NOT go in unprepared. If you walk in without a plan and decide that you will “figure it out when you get in there”, you’ll likely talk yourself out of it. Especially if you are new to working out. That can be so overwhelming!

INSTEAD- Plan your workout the night before. Or, even on the treadmill as you give yourself a 5-10 min warm up before your workout. Don’t complicate it! Commit to 4-5 weighted exercises and then walk in there like a lady BOSS and get ‘er done!

2- Do NOT go in without your music. The gym music is typically terrible. Not only that, playing your own music while wearing your headphones allows you to get in your “zone” and let the surrounding distractions disappear. This will make you a lot less nervous.

INSTEAD- You’ll want to either play Pandora on your fave station OR get a jammin’ playlist ready to inspire you through your session. Oh, and go ahead and sing a lil bit. It helps 🙂

3- Do NOT wear ill fitting workout wear or stuff that is going to make you feel self-conscious. Also, make sure your pants are “squat proof”. I’m officially the “Squat-Proof-Pants-Police”. 

INSTEAD- Wear pants that are comfy (but not see-thru when you squat) and breathable workout wear that won’t have you adjusting every 5 minutes.

These few things may seem simple, but they are the basics that will give you a little more confidence when you walk into that gym weight room full of smelly boys 🙂

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