Self care is a divine responsibility, even after a heart transplant

“Self care is a divine responsibility.”-Danielle La Porte
self care

Why do so many of us diminish the importance of self care? It’s often thought of as something we should do when we have “time”. Things like nurturing our creativity, taking care of our bodies and exploring our interests are left to the back burner. More often than not self-care is considered indulgent. Who has time for that anyway? Who wants to devote another brain cell to learning something new?

What if we stopped watching so much T.V and drowning our hard days work buried in the screen of our cell phone? What if we decided that life was passing us by and we NEEDED to invest in self-care? 

Recently, my boyfriend Cory and I did some hiking in Arnold and wine tasting in the beautiful sleepy little town of Murphys. Our hosts at the lovely Airbnb we stayed at were delightful.


Peggy, a 68 year old silver haired woman with a special warmth about her, shared a moving story with me. Two years prior, she became very ill and out of breath. She knew something was terribly wrong. After dealing with these symptoms for months, she was found to have a heart infection. The infection was so far gone, Peggy had to be put on a heart transplant list. Can you imagine? A heart transplant!???

Six months later she received the call and a heart of a 13 year old little girl was available for her to receive. She had 5 hours to rush to Stanford and get under the knife for this very intricate surgery. 32 medications post op, a hairy scary recovery, pneumonia and the possibility of the organ failing…Peggy made it through.

Fast forward to now and Peggy is steadily doing things she never thought possible. Some may think that deciding to take up dance classes, painting and competitive swimming (she competed in the transplant Olympics last year after never swimming before in her life!!) is a bit overzealous for a 68 year old, let alone one who has undergone a heart transplant, but Peggy realized how precious and short life is to not “indulge in self-care”, exploration and feeding her creativity.

Unfortunately, it took something as serious as a heart transplant for her to be prompted to do things outside of her comfort zone, but she has a fire in her soul and it won’t rest until she’s lived her life to it’s fullest.

Why do we wait? Why does it take a life changing event to force us out of our comfort zone and finally take a leap for something we’ve put on our “bucket” list?

I don’t know about you, but I’m done waiting. I’m not going to wait for tragedy to strike before I start doing things I’ve been talking about, procrastinating about or worried about doing because they seem self-indulgent and everyone will think I’m irresponsible. Screw that!

Hopefully this message sits well with you, lights a fire in your heart and prompts you to color outside the lines and take some steps towards doing things that you’ve always wanted to. 

Who knows what that future will hold for you. 

Here’s to a life filled with self indulgent exploration because you can,



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