How to do Sexy Yoga For Beginners

I love doing all things sexy and all things yoga. So naturally, I felt inclined to combine my love of sensual movement with my yoga practice.

This video is a perfect introduction into what sensual movement is like blended with some yoga flow. If you are new to yoga and new to sensual dance this video moves at the perfect pace for you. If you are a bit more experienced, you’ll still enjoy the combination of these moves to add to your routine.

All you need is a mat and some clothes to move comfortably in. I find it even more exciting when you can add some music and just shut the world out for the duration of your practice. If you can put on some sexy jams you can really let loose and have fun.

This video will help you loosen up your neck, shoulders, back and will increase the flexibility in your hamstrings and hips as you go through the yoga poses. You’ll fall in love with this hybrid workout.

What you’ll also learn are some of the key exercises that I use in my sensual dance classes and programs that will strengthen your entire body. And they are sexy AF if I do say so myself 🙂

If you love all things sensual dance you’ll probably love my latest FREEBIE download. I created a “Sensual Dance Starter Kit” for you to dive into your sexy side. If you’ve ever been oh-so-curious then you’ll love what this video and cheat sheet will have to offer.

I love teaching women how to get in touch with their sexy side. It took me many years to discover this life changing form of movement. Now that I’ve taught it for almost 10 years, I want to get it out into the world! Go HERE to download your freebie video workshop and PDF download.


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