Success Story – Chelsea Medrano

I have an opportunity for you to join our next challenge starting January 9th, but first I have a story to share with you!

Meet this beautiful mommy, wife and #GoddessBadass Chelsie Medrano.

Chelsie has been coming to our studio for a little less than 6 months. She started with taking a few pole classes, dabbled in some bootcamp classes and then took the plunge with one of our transformation programs. 

You can see/read for yourself below how amazing she’s been doing…


This is the result of a Goddess that has been working VERY passionately and consistently for just a few short months.  She has never given up.  
She has had bad days and she has had fantastic days.  But, what she didn’t do is quit. When the going gets tough she always knows setbacks are temporary.

Since June of this year, Chelsea has attended over 100 classes at the time of me writing this e-mail!  She continues to keep melting off the pounds and inches with consistency and a positive attitude.  
She has learned the importance of clean eating, exercise and NOT strict dieting in attaining results.
Her results have been profound and she is off the bandwagon of yo-yo diets. Chelsie jumped in with both feet into our transformation program and never looked back.

Chelsie has made the change in her mindset that being fit and sexy is not just some goal that you attempt to reach and then stop once you get there. She knows that it’s a Fit, Sexy and Confident lifestyle 🙂


I share this story with you today because:
1- It’s inspiring as heck! She’s done remarkable.
2- I have an opportunity for you to jump on board for our next challenge, just like Chelsie did.

If your 2017 New Years Resolution plan is to head over to the nearest gym to sign up, stick to boring cardio machine and then give up in just a few short weeks I URGE you to try something different.

Most people think “I’ve got to be ‘in shape’ to do a bootcamp class”. That is the furthest thing from the truth and is like saying “I need to have perfect teeth before I go to the dentist”.

The workouts are perfect for all levels and can be modified to be easier or harder depending on your current level of fitness. We get you there…whether you take the studio  OR the online program.

Introducing the 14-day January Jumpstart Challenge. 
This program begins January 9th and ends January 23rd. There is an in-studio AND online version available.
Read everything on the page in its entirety, and let me know if you have any questions!
As you know, I am all about giving women the tools they need for successful transformation, so this quickie program includes the foundation you need to be #leanin2017.

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