Success Story- Julie Monroe

When we first met Julie, we had a lot of concerns.

She was on heart meds, hadn’t worked out in quite some time but she had an attitude of perseverance. 

While perseverance is an admirable trait, and we encourage it from our clients, we were worried that Julie would push herself too hard.

However, the opposite happened. Julie plowed through her workouts. It was tough for her, don’t get me wrong, but she NEVER GAVE UP.

She has lost an amazing 60 pounds in her journey at Venus. I am so very proud of her and how far she’s come.

Get to know Miss Julie Anna Monroe…

Occupation and age: Management / Business Owner.

Age: 38FB_IMG_1443287387210

Kids? Grandkids? If so brag a bit: I have a herd of kids. Lol I have 4 children. Noah age 16, Ty age 14, Jake age 13 and princess Keira age 5 (going on 21. Lol).

I never wanted kids, but I thank God every day for my crazy kids. Each of them are so different and enrich my life.

Your life motto: Happiness is a choice. I believe there is a beauty all around, we just need to slow down enough to enjoy it. Success isn’t in a job title or how much net worth is.

Success is in those you surround yourself with and how you treat others. We above all else are here to help one another.

How long have you been a Goddess at Venus? I started Venus early 2014. I started out intro to pole. I was hooked.Photo Collage Maker_sc9nds

Have you undergone a transformation (physically, emotionally or both!)? I have lost over 60++ pounds. I’ve gained self-confidence and strength. I was born with heart disease and 45 was my “expiration” date. I was on beta blockers and steroids.

I joined GBU with the intent on being a better at pole.

Well, the nutrition education I received in Goddess Body University, along with intense classes, helped me be healthy enough to have heart surgery in January 2015.

I now have no expiration date and I threw out all me meds. Venus helped me take charge of MY life! It feels amazing waking up each day with hope and promise.

I’m thankful that I have a real opportunity to see my children grow up and someday hold my grandbabies, before that wasn’t even a thought. My children no longer see mom in the hospital or sick in bed all of the time.

I love that I now take care of them, instead of them caring for me.Photo Collage Maker_5MOOs5

It is so funny seeing people who knew the old Julie are always shocked how I’ve changed physically and mentally. I used to be timid and insecure. Now I am a force to be reckoned with!

What made you decide to do the online Goddess Body University Program? I travel so much, I couldn’t do the in class program. Online, gives me the freedom to do the classes on my time wherever I am.

What fears held you back (if you had any!) before you started the program? My own insecurities held me back from trying to change my health. I felt safe in my “fat suit”. I lacked self-worth, and had just about given up on myself.

What is it that you LOVE about the program? I LOVE everything about this program!! We are inspired to challenge ourselves past our comfort zones in supportive environment. I love the education we are taught about foods and supplements and especially the cheats and healthy food swaps.

One special aspect that sets this program apart is the unconditional support of this sisterhood. From the coaches to fellow Goddesses, everyone is supportive and lifts each other up.

What are your current goals? My current goals have a wide range. I WILL climb to the top of the pole! I want to continue toning up.

What is your favorite Goddess recipe? My favorite recipe is the Meatloaf muffins.

Final Question…Any inspirational advice you would like to share with women who are afraid to come to start their own transformation with the program?

Change is scary, but YOU are worth getting past your fears. Love yourself enough to be the best you possible. Cherish every success no matter how big or small.

If it makes you uncomfortable, then you should definitely try it. For that is where the most personal growth happens.

If you love Julie’s story and want to be on the path to your own transformation, make sure to get on our wait list for information on our next session Little Black Dress starting in November.

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