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Terra Goodrich May Goddess of the Month – 2014

Take a look at our success story and Goddess of the Month for May, Terra Goodrich. I remember her first day in the photos below. She was so happy to be a new mom, but had noticed that since giving birth, her body wasn’t going back to her pre-pregnancy shape.

When I sat down to put these photos together side-by-side, it literally brought tears to my eyes. It brought me back to the days of feeling helpless and trapped in a body I was unhappy with, and then after transforming my body, realizing how far I had come. Big hugs and grats to you Miss Terra!

Terra G Before and After Front

When she came to me she said that she didn’t recognize her body anymore and wanted to be in better shape than she was before the baby.  Terra was (and always is) very optimistic and knew she was ready to take the plunge into creating a new body with our help.

She jumped right into our program with both feet and didn’t look back. In fact, she has set new goals and is currently in Goddess University Session #2. I can’t wait to see what else she can achieve!

Terra G Before and After Side

Terra has melted an amazing 35+ pounds of fat off her body, tightened and toned her muscles and fits in jeans that she wore waaaay before she even became pregnant. Her clothes are literally falling off.

Now before you go making excuses as to why you can’t achieve the same amazing results, listen up…Terra is a wife, mom and full time nurse who has a busy schedule just like most of you reading this.

You are no different. You can do it too. You just have to decide that you will.

Terra G Before and After back shot

Read more about miss Terra below…

Name: Terra Goodrich

Occupation and age: 26 years old and I’m a Registered Nurse.

Kids? Grandkids? If so brag a bit: I have the most beautiful (I am biased) baby boy. His name is Connor and he is 8 months old. He is starting to try to walk on his own and we can’t get enought of him.

Your life motto: Do the best you can do in whateveryou’re trying to do and never give up. Succes is not by chance it’s by choice.


How long have you been a Goddess at Venus? I have been a Goddess for 1 year with a break in between for pregnancy.

Have you undergone a transformation (physically, emotionally or both!)? Both! Physically I’ve lost 35 pounds and 14 inches in Diane’s Goddess University. Emotionally I have never been more self confident. My confidence took a huge plunge post baby and to get it back was revelating. I have also never felt so sexy and I think my husband will gladly agree.


Did you have any previous dance or fitness training before starting Venus? I did both “unofficially”. I used to work out at the gym a lot, but not during my pregnancy. The gym became really boring for me. I needed a challenge and Venus provided just that. The pole aspect is like a sport you train for which I love, it also fufills my need for dance. I did dance in High school mostly with cheer and them competitive cheer and dance after high school.

What made you decide to take classes? I needed a change. Especially after the baby I needed to get the excess baby weight off…and quick! Especially for my own sanity.

What fears held you back (if you had any!) before you joined? The biggest fear that I had was failing but I knew that would be my own fault. So I jumped in with both feet!

Favorite class and why? I’m a sucker for pole classes and pole burn has to be one of my favorites. It’s an amazing sexy workout. However, recently my addiction is inversion classes.

What is it that you LOVE about Venus? Everything in a complete literal sense. This place is amazing! No where else can you feel sexy while working out. The plans and types of workouts she (Diane) work too. You become part of a family. These girls motivate, inspire and have eachother’s back. It’s my serenity away from home.

Platforms, barefeet or legwarmers? Goodness, I love me some platforms. Though they can be a bit to get used to.

What are your current pole goals? My pole goals are to learn more spins and inversions. This next month I want to conquer my shoulder mount invert. (see Terras goregous pole picture below!)


What are your current fitness goals?  My fitness goal is to weight about 128-130 pounds by July.

What is your favorite Goddess recipe? So many to choose from. This might sound so simple but a household favorite for us is the 5 min quick oats and it’s many combinations.

Do you have a favorite song to pole dance to?
Tech nine – Fragile

We LOVE music at Venus Pole Fitness. What 3 songs would be featured on the soundtrack to YOUR life?

  1. Beyonce- Drunk In Love
  2. Will I Am ft. Miley Cyrus- Feelin Myself

  3. Bob Marley- Jammin

Final Question-Any inspirational advice you would like to share with women who are afraid to come to the studio and start their own transformation?

You are your own worst enemy; your biggest bully. Break the mold, stand up to self-violence and allow Diane to make you love your body and yourself. I promise you will not regret it one bit. It can’t hurt you any more than you are hurting yourself with horrible habits that can be replaced with healthy ones.

Inspired by Terra’s story? Well, we will be opening up the next round of our signature program, Goddess Body University soon. We have an in-studio AND online program.

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