The Goddess Body Project Online Coaching Materials

Welcome!!! Holy cow, I am so freaking excited to have you on board for this online coaching program.

Make sure to bookmark this page so that you can return to it as needed for any of the documents related to your program.

PLEASE NOTE- Some of the files below are PDF’s and some are in Word. If the document does not pop up in a new tab, please make sure to check your computers “downloads” folder as it likely landed in there!

Step 1- The beginning

Do NOT start this program without first taking your progress photos, measurements and weight. I’ve included my tracking system for you with full instructions.

Download your Progress Tracker Guide Here

Step 2- Your Food!

Because your nutrition (aka diet) dictates 90% of your results I am putting this down as step 2 for you to figure out BEFORE you dive into the workouts. I know, I know, the workouts are the “fun” part but the nutrition cannot be ignored.

I have a few different options for you to choose from below depending on where you are in your nutrtion journey. Do not let these choices overwhelm you! An overwhelmed mind is a frozen one, so know yourself and if you can’t stick to a ton of tracking, choose the EPIC route for the first stage of this program. Then, if you feel ready, you can progress to HEROIC or LEGENDARY :

Option 1: EPIC- (NEW to clean eating/healthy eating concepts)

Best if you want to ease into eating better and do not want to focus on calories or macronutrients. I will say that you can be successful with this route, and it’s a great start, but does not yield the same results as taking the HEROIC or LEGENDARY path.

Here are your tools for nutrition should you choose this EPIC phase:

-Download The Goddess Body Nutrition Handbook HERE

Option 2: HEROIC (understand clean eating and want to focus on taking it a step further with calorie counting) I’d like most of you operating out of this path!

Here you will use the macronutrient worksheet BUT will also pay more attention to the quality of foods you are eating. You will opt for organic, free range, no GMO’s, sprouted grains, no flour, etc. More details in the worksheet.

Download The Goddess Body Project Macro Worksheet HERE

Option 3: LEGENDARY (you are treating your body like a temple and you are likely an athlete)

On this path you will dial in your macronutrients (total calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates) based on multiple factors and different nutritional strategies. This is best for athletes and competitors (or die hards!).

Download The Goddess Body Project Macro Worksheet HERE

Other important resources for your nutrition:

DIY Meal Plan Outline PLUS Food categories & portions sizes (to help you understand what proteins, fats, carbs are)


Bulk Meal Prep Guide

To track your food progress:

If you are old school and like a good ol’ fashioned pen and paper- Food Journal Log

If you are doing the HEROIC or LEGENDARY path you will most definitely want to get familiar with the FREE smartphone app My Fitness Pal.

Download my complete MyFitnessPal Guide HERE 


The step is optional, however, I don’t know what I’d do without my supplements. There just no absolute way that you can get all the vital micronutrients you need to perform at optimum levels from our food alone.

Get my Supplement Guide HERE


I will be updating this page as we progress in the program with the remaining stages. I don’t want you to get overwhelmed so just focus on this program right now!

Everything you need to know is in this file for your workouts!

Download The Goddess Body Project Stage I HERE

Download The Goddess Body Project Stage II Program HERE

Download The Goddess Body Project Stage III Program HERE

Download The Goddess Body Project Cardio Options Here

Ok, phew! I think that is it! Now, I’m sure you are going to have some questions. Make sure that you direct all questions inside of the private Facebook Group HERE. This is the optimal way to get answers and also provide education for everyone else in the group who may have the same question!

Remember, NO question is a dumb one! You can’t struggle in silence, so make sure to tag me when you post your question.

I’m looking forward to helping you achieve some amazing results in the next 90 days. Remember, the program works if you implement it. Don’t let this be another product you let collect dust or give up after only a few weeks. This takes time, patience and consistency. Time is going to pass anyways, so why not let it pass while you are working on your Goddess Body Project!!??


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