Transformation story! Andreina Rodriguez!!

Today I have for you a Goddess who’s determination is to be greatly admired.  Andreina Rodriguez is a perfect example of a woman who did not give up, who attends classes consistently and always works her hardest without complaining.

With a full time job, a full time school schedule and a to-do list miles long like most women, Andreina makes no excuses.  She puts her health first, takes our nutritional guidance and implements it immediately.  She’s found a great balance so that she can still enjoy her social life and her clean eating lifestyle without any gimmicks, quick fixes or magic pills.  That’s the Venus way!

Seeing the transformation in Andreina has been very rewarding.  She came in very shy, lacked confidence, and was soft spoken.  She has taken charge of so many areas of her life and walks with a lot more pep in her step.  Watch out for this girl.  She is going to make some changes in the world!  We are so proud of her.

See her incredible transformation below…

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When Miss Andreina first started with us, she enrolled in our boot camp sessions. Then, she made the journey over to the 12 week Goddess Body Elite Membership and hasn’t looked back.

Once Andreina made it a lifestyle she realized it was much easier to quit focusing on the number on the scale as her only measure of success. She started having fun with fitness and enjoying the journey one day at a time. Then, before she knew it, she had melted off over 30 pounds. She continues to stay Fit, Sexy and Confident by attending classes almost daily and her body continues to make amazing changes!

Andreinas proof that once you decide that your results are up to you, it can and WILL be done. It all starts with your attitude.

Are you ready? Do you hear your inner voice saying “this can be me!”?? Quit making excuses…start your transformation NOW with our 12 week Goddess Body Elite Membership. Or, if you’d like to start up with our next contest coming up soon, send us an e-mail here and let us know you’d like the challenge.

Hope to see your face in the studio and as yet another success story in an upcoming e-mail.

Much Love,
Diane Flores
Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach and Pole Dance Instructor

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