#UnapologeticallySexy Sensual Dance Starter Kit

In the almost decade that I’ve been teaching women to get in touch with their sexy side, I feel compelled to spread the message even broader. I know how greatly getting in touch with your feminine side has impacted not only the women I’ve had the privilege of teaching in my studio, but myself.

Some women feel compelled to try sensual dance for various reasons. From wanting a new kind of workout, to feeling more like a woman, to wanting to do it to share with a partner.

Whatever your reason, I have found that the women who’ve taken up this type of movement have cultivated the most peace with their bodies. They see themselves as powerful forces to be reckoned with and the confidence they find is something that I wish I could bottle up and feverishly pass out to every woman I know.

Yes, this shit is THAT good.

And with that, I’ll take you by the hand through my introduction to what will hopefully light a fire in you to explore the badass Goddess that I know you are…


This is an actual video from my signature online Sensual And Lap Dance Program. It’s one of my favorite videos because it’s the foundation for almost every aspect of learning how to sensual dance. Since the release of my Sensual & Lap Dance virtual program last year, I’ve received great feedback on it. I will be opening it up again soon, but for now I’m excited to be able to pull this slice out of the program to share with you for free. ‘Cause I’m a nice chick like that and you NEED this.

Important Please READ:

  • To connect with other Goddesses who are also becoming #UnapologeticallySexy make sure to join my PRIVATE Facebook Group HERE.
  • Have friend who would love this kind of thing? Share the sign up page with them!
  • I have provided you with the “4 Key Elements – HHBB” foundations video course. HHBB represents – hair toss, hip circle, body wave and booty up — in which I teach you in the video below. I’ve also included PDF downloads of my most popular songs for sensual dance and lap dance wardrobe hints and tips.  These two documents have not only been the most helpful for women new to this kind of thing, but also the most valuable and requested by my in-studio clients. Booya.

Here are some mindset hacks for you:

  • Everything new and unchartered in the beginning is tough. Don’t sweat it. Have fun.
  • If you are new to this kind of movement and notice you’re feeling stiff, that’s totes normal. We typically don’t move in the horizontal plane/circular motions in real life. Be patient with yo’ self.
  • If you think you can’t be sexy, you won’t. Release expectations of what you “should” look like and realize you are one hell of a sexy ass Goddess.
  • Let your hair down (physically and metaphorically) and don’t take yourself too seriously. Oh, and did I mention to have fun?

Your start up video (HHBB):

Your cheat sheets:

Make sure to check your downloads folder on your computer if they don’t pop up. You can also right click and hit “save as” to download.

Badass music playlist

Lap Dance Hints and tips

Ok ladies now go fall in love with this process!!!




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