What are macros, flexible dieting, IIFYM? Macros 101

If you’ve never heard the term “If it fits your macros”, IIFYM, macros or flexible dieting this video will give you the basics and a bigger understanding of this dieting lifestyle.

Learning about this type of “dieting” broke me out of binge eating and yo-yo dieting after all of my bodybuilding competitions.macro-cheat-sheet

I had adapted the mindset that I was either on a diet or off a diet. There was really no happy medium. And, quite frankly, both made me absolutely miserable.

When I was dieting, I was plagued with obsessing over the foods I couldn’t have and feeling like a failure if I even had a bite of something that wasn’t deemed “healthy”. When I was “off” the dieting train, I would feel like a loser and I couldn’t get my act together with my food.

The premise of counting your “macros” is that you can still lose weight while also enjoying some of your favorite, not-so-healthy foods. The key to this concept actually delivering results, is that you calculate your specific numbers and follow them consistently to see fat loss happen (or you can calculate your macros based on the desire to gain muscle as well).

The numbers you figure out are based on several factors and are different for everyone. Multiple things have to be considered into ultimately finding your starting macro numbers. 

Things to consider are age, height, weight, current activity level and figuring out your resting metabolic rate. Lots of sciencsy stuff lol. If you are interested in finding out your unique numbers keep reading to get info on scoring my Macro Worksheet and Macro Bible for free.

However, it’s very important that you figure out these numbers (grams of protein, carbs, fats and total calories) so you have a starting point at which to gauge your progress.

In todays video I am going to cover:

  • The 3 macronutrients- Protein, carbohydrates and fats
  • What role each of they macronutrients serve in your diet
  • Why calories are NOT created equal
  • The 4 things you should have in place if you want to track macros
  • Key factors to consider when you start on your journey to track macros

I also cover these tools that you will need to get started and be successful:

  • Setting up your “foundation” of eating in a healthier manner. I’ve strategized this concept in 6 week transformation program, #FierceAF with complete grocery lists and meals plans to help you do this.
  • Calculate your specific macro numbers. You can find an online calculator OR if you purchase my online fat loss program Goddess Body University and email me your receipt at diane@venuspolefitness.com, I will give you my Macro Calculator Workbook and My Macro Bible that takes you through this step-by-step with many tips, tricks and secrets most websites don’t consider.
  • Download MyFitnessPal as a FREE app on your smartphone and input your numbers there and start tracking.
  • Play around with adding in “sanity” foods so you can reap the benefits of flexible dieting!

This video is 40+ minutes in length but I promise is chock FULL of info for you

If you are in the Modesto area and want to get info on our next transformation program make sure to get on the list here to be notified as soon as registration opens. 

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