What my red sparkly bikini taught me.

“A little secret I’m going to share with you here is that getting your bliss starts with finding the bliss WHERE YOU ARE.” -Mama Gena


Find your bliss where you are.  Could it really be that easy?  It takes some practice, but yes, it is.


Not long ago I found myself standing in a (very tiny) sparkly red bikini about to strut my way across a stage of bright lights.  Moments before I stepped out from the curtain, I found myself thinking “what the hell am I doing…again?”.  Oh wait, I’ve been working my bootie off for 8 solid months for this moment!

The thrill of the stage excites me.  It drives me to work hard towards my best body ever, each time.  I don’t do it for the trophies, I do it because I want to inspire women to be their best and because I am always striving to be MY best self inside AND out.  The trophies are just a bonus 😉



But, I’m not going to lie.  I lost the bliss of the moment often. The days when I didn’t want to drag myself to the gym.  The days when I was so tired to teach a class, but I knew my girls at the studio were counting on me to push them to be THEIR best.


The days that I was a little cranky and snapped at my family…Those days, I had to do a lot of self reflection.


Almost as easily as it was to slip into my pity party, I made a quick mental note that the demanding life of being a competitive athlete was MY CHOICE.  I would take a deep breath, and always asked myself “what can I learn from this situation?”.  I often found that I was just losing focus. I needed to enjoy the bliss of the moment.


Focus on the positive, because ultimate “Thoughts become things”.


What are you losing sight of?  Are you feeling blissful in your life?  Step back and ask yourself if what you are experiencing is really that bad.  Sometimes we complain because it’s just a natural thing to do.  Often times, without much thought as to the words we are speaking.


Live life like you mean it.  Notice when you complain and think about how you can flip your perspective.  Embrace the challenges that you face as a learning experience.  The universe is trying to tell you something.


Yours in bliss,



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