winner winner chicken dinner (recipe :)‏ )

Have you tried the zucchini brownies I posted yet? We actually made 2 batches and they were a hit, just like I suspected! In case you missed that recipe you can get the printable recipe here!
This next recipe I’m sharing with you today is one that I tried and was yet another hit with the family. For one, I LOVED it because it was all in one pot. Score! An easy clean-up! 🙂
But it was seriously a delicious, healthy and insanely flavorful combination. And, if you are a Goddess Body University gal this one is definitely approved for your fat loss meal plan.

This was a big hit!

This was a big hit!

The leftovers the next day were EVEN BETTER. Once all of the flavors had a chance to settle overnight it was awesome.
So, this dish is perfect if you want something for your whole family that is low in fat and high in nutrition and flavor.

Print the recipe here from Miss Diana Keuilian’s site and enjoy!

I’ve been making a lot of her recipes from her Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals cook books. I only recommend cookbooks that I would stand behind 100% and she definitely knows her stuff.
If you want to add some cookbooks to your kitchen library, these come highly recommended by myself. Check out Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals here.
It’s not too late to start feeding your family healthfully NOW. It took me some time to adjust my family from processed foods to meals that were much more nutritious. Meals like these are great transitions. If you try it out, let me know!
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