Workout Wednesday- Bootiful Basics at home workout

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I decided that I wanted to get a quick and powerful minimalist workout in today. I’d love for you to join along with me!!

In this video I’ll go through the entire workout with you. These are the same style workouts that are in my Goddess Body At Home Workout Program

No fancy equipment needed. Just some space to move around and a set of dumbbells. Preferably around 8-10 pounds depending on your strength!

I’ll be taking you through some Plyometric moves (which means jump training) and offering some modifications if you need them.

I LOVE Plyos because, not only do they double as a great form of resistance training, you also get your heart rate climbing in a very short period of time.

Here’s the workout:

Do each exercise for 15 reps (except switch lunges and regular lunges do for 16) and complete 2 rounds. If you are intermediate to advanced go for 3-4 rounds!

Switch Lunges
Front Raises
Jump Squats
Overhead Press
Sumo Hops
Lateral Raises
Alternating reverse lunges
Upright rows
Toe touch abs
Mountain Climbers

Here’s the video for you to do along with me!

Ladies!!! This style workout is similar to what you’ll find in my online Goddess Body At Home Workout Program. You can start NOW!

Are you ready? This program will be great for the total newbie to exercise as well as the fitness junkie. I want to help you no matter what spot you are in your journey. My biggest joy is getting e-mails and messages from women who finally took the plunge with me after having been terrified to workout in public settings or even get started. 

YOU are worth it. YOU deserve it. YOU have the right to feel the amazing benefits of exercise, loving your body and creating a better future for yourself. 

It’s my hopes that my Goddess Body At Home workout program will motivate you to take baby steps into your new healthy lifestyle. Come along with me HERE.


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