Workout Wednesday! Complex Finisher video

Last year I met an amazing 51 year old badass, Shawna Kaminski at a fitness conference. I must admit, I have a woman crush.
She is a trailblazer in the fat loss and metabolic circuit world. I’ve used many of her workouts and techniques since I found them over 3 years ago and they are amazing. They’ve done wonders for myself and my Goddesses in the studio alike.
One of my favorite techniques that Shawna introduced me to is a complex. What is a complex? It’s basically a hybrid of cardio and strength. Therefore leaving you with an incredibly effective total body workout that leaves you burning fat for longer in the day AFTER your workout (check out my own combination below that left me breathless 🙂
I’ve been using them in our Goddess Body Bootcamp classes and the girls have a love-hate relationship with them. It’s transformed their bodies even faster.
Complex Finisher- Accelerated Fat Loss for Women
Complex Finisher-
Accelerated Fat Loss for Women
Now don’t be afraid. Lifting weights is not going to make you bulky or gain weight. Shawna’s 51 and looks like a 20 year old because she knows her stuff. I’m hoping to follow boldly in her footsteps. If you want her amazing complexes for your own at home or gym use check them out by clicking here.
You can start adding complexes like these into your workout routine and see your body change right before your eyes. Or, if you need someone to push you through those complexes, we do them in our studio and will give you the accountability and motivation that you need. Come and get fit with us!
Go after what you want!

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