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I have an incredibly awesome treat for you today. Im jumping-out-of-my-skin so excited to FINALLY share. Gahhhhhh!
I want you to meet my beautiful friend in fitness crime, Neghar Fonooni. Today I’m thrilled to share a sample video for you to try from her incredibly well designed program, Wildfire Yoga.

Neg and I in 2014 at a Fitness Conference

When I started reading her emails and blogs back in 2012, I was always relieved (and so damn impressed) that she understood exactly what was going on in my head. Our message to women was so overtly in sync with one another I was certain we were sisters from anotha mutha. 
Then, I finally got to meet her at a fitness conference in 2014. Listening to the passion in her voice was like music to my ears. At last, a woman who was unapologetically authentic and multi-fitness-passionate just like I was. Fuck yes. TWINNING.
She was always incredibly transparent about her challenges in parenthood, her love of lifting weights, aversion to dieting as a way of life and love for yoga.
Absolutely freaking refreshing. 
So when the opportunity arose to attend the Radiance Retreat in 2015 I jumped on board. We got to do some yoga on the beach, hang at her house, drink vino and relish in all things badass.

Neg and I at the Radiance Retreat

Naturally when she announced her latest creation Wildfire Yoga, I was tickled pink to dive in. This program spoke to me specifically because all of the flow sequences are short and to the point. Got 10 minutes? Well, then you can do this.
Yes, I still love me a 75-90 minute yoga class. However, I’m finding that I’m unable to get to as many yoga classes as I’d like because of the time commitment. But the craving for yoga daily is so strong.
As I’ve mentioned before, I’m just a couple months from completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training in power yoga. The program is intense. The expectations are high and the homework we are assigned to complete before we meet monthly is something I’ve been failing to complete.
In this yoga teacher program we are supposed to get on our mat daily. There are no set time minimums for us to complete, we just have to practice yoga and also establish a daily journaling habit.
I’ve found every excuse not to do it because it’s felt like another ‘to-do’ and I felt obligated to practice for at least an hour. And, while I’m being honest here, the journaling hasn’t happened either. There’s just something intimidating about looking at a blank piece of paper sometimes when I don’t know what the hell to write about (so much floating around in my head which topic do i settle on!?!? lol)
So when Neghar sent Wildfire over for me to sample, I fell in love. Literally. 
Wildfire Yoga is a 21 day online program. Each 10 minute or less yoga flow sequence is accompanied with an intentional word/phrase that you are encouraged to journal on after your practice. The guidebook has prompting questions for you to use as jumping off points for your own personal journaling practice. Hellooooo, no more staring at a blank journal page!! 
Not only do you get to get your daily dose of yoga, you also get to take time to reflect and put your thoughts to paper. 
I’m going to quit blabbing already and let you ladies check out this sample video she made for me in her office (clearly demonstrating that you do not need much room to do this!). Get on the floor and give it a shot.


If you are ready to finally give yoga a fair shot you will LOVE Wildfire Yoga.

Make sure to go check out the entire program HERE.

This week it is available for an incredibly reasonable price and I don’t want you to miss out!!

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